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The series takes the "X" shape as the basic element and incorporates the architectural steel frame beam structure design. It integrates a simple and fashionable appearance with a tough and stable interior, with an atmospheric shape and concise lines.

Power aesthetics
The division of different materials, the harmonious combination of plate and leather, supplemented by aluminum alloy decorative lines, the outline is full of tension, showing the essence of "power aesthetics".
Power aesthetics
Geometric beauty of side cabinet
The cabinet is like the icing on the cake, with agility in the quietness and stability, and the geometric beauty of the volley, which perfectly integrates the avant-garde into the office space.
Geometric beauty of side cabinet
High-grade credenza
The back cabinet is equipped with basalt relief and bright cloud rock door panels. The high-grade material, comfortable color and reasonable layout add more elegant taste to office life.
High-grade credenza
Colors and Materials
Product Model
BS-118 Walnut
BS-19 Dark iron gray
BS-07 Imported warm white
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