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Design and Development

In order to provide customers with exquisite and perfect products, Huasheng Furniture Group places great emphasis on teamwork. Various processes of product manufacturing are connected by a number of professional teams, and the links are completely interlocked and closely connected. At the same time, we allow employees to receive regular and systematic training to further improve our service quality.

Tailor-made Design Solutions

There are many professional furniture designers with rich design experience gathered here. They maintain cooperation with top international design companies, grasp the world's top design concepts, and carry out overall design and development of products. The team also provides professional consulting services, combined with environmental and functional requirements, to provide customers with comprehensive and detailed engineering supporting suggestions, on-site measurements and tailor-made design solutions.

Product Innovation

We launch around 10 new product series each year, and, up to May 2023, we have obtained 600+ patents. With us, innovation really matters.

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