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Office Furniture Solutions for Yinchuan C&D Group

Industry: Real Estate


Yinchuan C&D Group is a top-ranked real estate development company in Ningxia. As the writer of urban evolution, C&D Group has participated in and led the tremendous changes in local cities for 25 years. We combined the characteristics of the real estate industry and corporate needs to create a concise and lively headquarters office space full of sense of the times and technology.



To provide high-quality property management services to ensure that the settled enterprises and their talents receive high-quality property services. For sake of creating a healthy, secure, and biophilic workspace environment, they selected Huasheng as the office furniture provider for our FSC and BIFMA compliant ergonomic seating, working desks, and panel systems.



When it comes to the conference room, the overall atmosphere and participant experience is the key. Huasheng equips the room with a conference table and comfortable stylish chairs in a sophisticated way to create an ambiance that inspires innovation and collaboration.



Huasheng furnished training rooms of different specifications with its training desks and chairs, which can accommodate about 50-100 people. 



Portable office furniture offers a variety of customization possibilities for small meetings so that people in the building can enjoy the comfort of the high-end office.


Established in 2004, Huasheng Furniture has been developed into top 5 brands in commercial furniture manufacturing & supply industry in China. We have a very strong team in R&D and product engineers, and accumulated rich experience in project total solutions. We can well satisfy customer requirements for product designs and quality, our series is widely praised by customers. Huasheng Furniture Group pays great attention to integrity and business reputation. We strictly control the quality and production cost in the production. All these has been a guarantee for our products and service to be quality-reliable and price-favorable.

For one-stop project total solution services, please contact us via : robinwang@huasheng-furniture.com; info@huasheng-furniture.com

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