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Healthcare Furniture Solutions for Wuzhen Internet hospital

Industry: Healthcare


Wuzhen Internet hospital is built on the basis of International Hospital Management Standards (JCI), combining domestic and foreign advanced diagnosis and treatment equipment and five-star medical services to provide professional gynecological services.


We are honored to serve Wuzhen Internet hospital with furniture solutions. The overall design and layout of hospital furniture colors tend to be sensual, using warm and romantic colors for reasonable collocation, effectively reducing visual fatigue and relieving the patient's tension.



Humanized space design and lively colors create a bright healing space, which helps patients to relax. The wood-finished consultation table is thoughtfully added with a circular arc anti-collision design, always caring for patients.


First impressions are made in the reception area, so it should be beautiful. But that's not enough, it also needs to reflect the uniqueness of the company. The hospital's reception area is pure white as a base tone, introverted and graceful, paired with a new Chinese-style sofa that showcases its elegance.


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