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Office Furniture Solutions for CMS Shenzhen Office

Industry: Healthcare


CMS is a global innovation-driven professional pharmaceutical company focusing on the Chinese market. The group was established in 1995 and was listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on September 28, 2010. Listed on Forbes China's Best Potential Companies for six consecutive years. Shenzhen Kangzhe, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kangzhe Group, has repeatedly been selected as "Shenzhen Top 100 Enterprises", "Nanshan District Top100Taxpayers", and "Leading Enterprises in Independent Innovation Industry".


Reception Area

Entering the reception hall, the sofa encloses a square layout, cohesion with the surrounding embellished metal lines. 

Not only that, but its unique design with imitating ancient scrolls, adorns the two ends of the coffee table, reflecting its grace and freehand.



Press Conference Hall 



The classical dining table and chairs placed by the window subtly blend Chinese Zen and modern simplicity, strengthening the visual tension.

Executive area



The modern solid wood executive table has smooth lines, and the scientist's office is also equipped with a large-capacity multi-layer file wall cabinet, which scientifically divides the storage space and effectively improves office efficiency.

Office area



The staff office area adopts a combination desk with glass screen, which helps the team work with each other. Office desks are covered with wood texture, and low-saturation tones create a simple and efficient working environment.



As we move deeper, the VIP meeting room and the theater pay more attention to scene creation in design and planning, with wood table and gray auditorium seats as the main feature, which are comfortable to sit on and quiet to reduce noise.



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