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Well versed in the essence of the minimalist design of "less is more", the sharp and rigid lines, the crisp and refined layered shapes, and the matching of dark or bright colors add a touch of personality and self to the original serious office space, highlighting a modern and efficient office atmosphere that is free and unrestrained, light and agile.

Challenge material selection
NCV Series is based on the challenge, using the black gold walnut grain, gentle and elegant American Eucalyptus, to create a modern and simple atmosphere, instantly promote the work to a new height.
Challenge material selection
Details show everything.
Carefully crafted design details provide more convenient and comfortable support for your work challenges all the time and everywhere, and create a modern and comfortable office space.
Details show everything.
The classic modern minimalist style
The classic modern minimalist style reveals delicacy and comfort. The side cabinets of executive desks of different specifications combine the functions of support and storage, making the design extremely concise.
The classic modern minimalist style
Colors and Materials
Product Model
BS-118 Walnut
BS-111 Eucalyptus
BS-07 Imported warm white
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