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The simplified design and realistic solid wood color endow the office space with natural attributes. While the attached cabinets support the countertop, the storage is mainly open and hidden. The attached cabinets reserve socket holes, which can be installed to meet daily office needs.

Stainless steel match with pure black
When polished stainless steel meets the elegant Mia pure black, coupled with the elegant atmosphere exuded by New Zealand oak, the wood can be tasted intuitively.
Stainless steel match with pure black
Modular combination
Modular combination of components, black and white two classic tones as the main color, black and white shaped table legs and a variety of wood grain colors for the table top to meet the office needs of different environments.
Modular combination
Unique style cabinet
The overall design adopts a handle-free design, and the sharp straight lines outline a simple and elegant style, which is simple and stylish. The style is unique. The clothes storage space is equipped with telescopic hangers, ready for office needs at any time.
Unique style cabinet
Colors and Materials
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