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The overall main material is high-grade Wiener oak laminate, matched with basalt. The board and leather are harmoniously combined, supplemented by acrylic decoration and aluminum alloy decorative lines, make the whole desk show the charm of the combination of dots, lines and surfaces.

Thickened table top with silver brushed cabinet door
The desk texture is clear, the material is firm and flexible, and the 60mm thickened table top is strong and durable; the side cabinet is designed with a silver brushed pop-up door, which is easy to use, stable and practical.
Thickened table top with silver brushed cabinet door
Spacious storage space
The cabinet has a spacious storage space, including a CPU storage area. The storage can be used in two ways: sliding doors and drawers, and the drawers are equipped with password locks to protect privacy.
Spacious storage space
Agility and exquisite coffee table
The volley structure of the coffee table and the design of aluminum alloy decorative lines add a sense of agility and exquisite surprise to the simple appearance.
Agility and exquisite coffee table
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