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The modeling creativity comes from the ballet "Swan Lake". The light table legs are like a ballet dancer's toes pointing to the ground, dancing gracefully; the combination of dark and light colors is like the white swan and black swan in Swan Lake. The white is as elegant as a fairy, and the black is as majestic as a general. The noble temperament implies making the office space flexible and natural.

Stone-like material
The panel of the attached cabinet is made of bright cloud rock, and the application of stone-like material brings the visual elements of nature into the office environment.
Stone-like material
Stylish and novel cabinet
The filing cabinets are stylish and novel, with a handle-free design and a built-in clothes rail on the Yunwuyan door panel, which is personalized and practical.
Stylish and novel cabinet
Thick but not bulky top
The top of the conference table adopts 25mm+16mm layered thick method, and the 25mm bottom plate has beveled edges, which is thick but not bulky.
Thick but not bulky top
Colors and Materials
Product Model
BS-106 Aus. Eucalyptus
BS-102 Amber brown
BS-89 Titan Walnut
BS-07 Imported warm white
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