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Elite Version

In view of the pain points of the Internet cafe industry, combined with the needs of players, the game E-sports theme can meet many customer groups who like the team combat atmosphere. Good game equipment has a great attraction to players, and create a professional space for E-sports in combination with their favorite professional training and theme activities.

Technology frame
Technological multi-faceted corner design, cool and handsome; The simple shape and stable structure give the bracket a low-key and reliable beauty. Solve the problem of earphone storage and keep everything in order.
Technology frame
Curved headrest
Three dimensional free adjustment to match different sitting posture requirements. Using PA plus fiber material, height adjustment adopts compound ergonomic slide rail arc lifting, which makes the adjustment smoother, the neck fits more closely, straightens the healthy cervical spine, and releases brain fatigue.
Curved headrest
Adaptive seat back
The back frame is made of PA fiber reinforced material and new mesh, which makes it feel softer and fit more breathable. The left and right shoulder blades support independently, making the back fit more and move more freely. It's more comfortable to sit on your back.
Adaptive seat back
Ergonomic waist back
The use of PA fiber material, self-adaptive adjustment, the use of step-by-step arc lifting, can more accurately adjust the waist height, give the waist more powerful top waist strength, healthy straight back.
Ergonomic waist back
Colors and Materials
Product Model

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